Jarvis Edwards is a B2B copywriter, based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Specializing in writing ads, sales pages, website content and more!

With a staggering number of super-competitive businesses selling technology these days, can you afford AVERAGE sales copy?


Regardless of your advertising budget, customers are now smarter than ever. Do not risk losing them with fancy--yet ineffective copy!

Copy Editing

Many companies that assume their copy is perfect 'as-is' -- usually NEED a professional copywriter's critique.


Free Consultations are usually sales pitches in disguise. OUR  B2B copywriting consultations put money in YOUR pockets!

If you don't succeed, I don't prosper. It's that simple!

The phrase: "We will help you grow your business" -- is growing tired and is becoming a cliche'.  However, with this copywriter, you should expect nothing less than results!

Freelance B2B Copywriter - Jarvis Edwards
We are here to smooth
out the rough road of B2B  writing by becoming your marketing partner,
not just another client.   
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